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Mercedes-Benz Service Newcastle | Truck Service Newcastle, NSW

Choosing the best truck for the job is an excellent start, but it is just the beginning.

To get the best out of your truck and to keep it running how the Mercedes-Benz engineers intended, we recommend that you have it maintained and serviced at regular intervals at Newcastle Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

Every workshop that carries the famous three-pointed star is staffed and equipped for excellence, with access to the latest specification and up-to-date information across the model range.

Trained technicians are essential, and every Mercedes-Benz technician completes a set number of hours of training and retraining every year to ensure they are up-to-date with technology.

Finally, the equipment and tooling required to maintain a Mercedes-Benz truck is designed and developed by the same people who design and develop the vehicle. The investment you make in your fleet, from one truck to a major fleet of different sizes and configurations, demands the attention and expertise only genuine Mercedes-Benz service can deliver.

It’s the best way to maximise uptime, maximise reliability and protect your investment.

Quick, easy and inexpensive repairs.

Making sure that your Mercedes-Benz truck, or your entire Mercedes-Benz truck fleet, remains in optimum operating condition is the key.

Whether you need a larger repair, like a new body panel or have a smaller problem that needs fixing like an annoying rattle, you can trust Newcastle Mercedes-Benz Trucks to take care of it.

For further information, please contact our friendly Service team for assistance with any enquiry regarding your Mercedes-Benz Trucks vehicle.

The Newcastle Mercedes-Benz Trucks team wishes you safe and pleasant motoring.


At Newcastle Freightliner choosing your truck is just the beginning. We’re there for the life of your vehicle.

Newcastle Freightliner have a number of servicing and repair options and Service Contracts designed to help manage your maintenance costs with flexible and affordable options. Not only will you feel reassured that trained technicians are working on your truck, you can rest assured that they will use Freightliner Genuine Parts.


Having your truck serviced by an Authorised Freightliner Dealer will ensure that:

  • Your truck will be serviced correctly
  • Service measures identified by the factory will be undertaken to ensure that your vehicle receives all the necessary upgrades - free of charge
  • Only Freightliner Genuine Parts will be fitted, reducing the chances of vehicle breakdown and inconvenience to yourself and your business
  • Only the correct grade of oil will be used for your vehicle to ensure our class-leading standards for both fuel economy and length of service interval are maintained
  • Work will only be undertaken by accredited Freightliner Technicians. They know the vehicles they work on. They will only replace and repair that which is necessary and which you agree to, reducing your potential costs and ensuring trouble-free motoring



Whether you operate one truck or a large fleet, planning your operating costs is imperative. Freightliner Service Plans is a maintenance and repair program designed to increase vehicle utilisation and protect your vehicle and your business from unexpected operating costs. Through Freightliner Service Plans, the Freightliner dealer network carries out maintenance and repairs according to an agreed schedule and pre-determined costs. Freightliner Service Plans rates are calculated and agreed by using criteria and information supplied by you, such as vehicle application, anticipated annual kilometres, operating hours, loads and working conditions. This means you can work out a budget with monthly payments and be confident that your agreed maintenance and repair costs are covered.

What Is Express Assessment?

Express Assessment is a commitment to provide a preliminary diagnosis and communication to the customer within two hours of repair order creation. Express Assessment is a process, not a program. It is intended to become part of the way a service department performs its day-to-day work.

Within 2 Hours Of Service Write-Up, The Newcastle Freightliner Will:

  • Communicate single service issue diagnosis
  • Check part availability
  • Provide an estimate of cost and repair time

For further information, please contact our friendly Service team for assistance with any enquiry regarding your Freightliner vehicle.

The Newcastle Freightliner team wishes you safe and pleasant motoring

Fuso Service Newcastle | Truck Service Newcastle, NSW

At Newcastle Fuso choosing your truck or bus is just the beginning. We’re there for the life of your vehicle.

Newcastle Fuso has a wide range of support services designed to make maintaining and repairing your vehicle as easy as possible. With expert support from our factory trained technicians, you can be confident knowing you’ve always got a great Service team behind you.

Best of all, at Newcastle Fuso our service solutions are specifically tailored to minimise downtime. From our 24-hour roadside assistance hotline, to overnight servicing at our dealerships, we do what it takes to keep you on the road.

 MaintenanceDriveline RepairsVehicle RepairsWear and Tear
Includes all scheduled servicing work for your vehicle as specified in the Fuso maintenance booklet, carried out to Fuso quality standards. Total flexibility allows you to select a time/kilometre structure that best suits your needs.
A full service package offering all-round protection. Complete covers all necessary repair and maintenance work including wearing parts, ensuring that your vehicle is always in the best condition.

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For further information, please contact our friendly Service team for assistance with any enquiry regarding your Fuso vehicle.

The Newcastle Fuso team wishes you safe and pleasant motoring

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